Friday, May 21, 2010

Introducing Myself

Hello, I am one of the newest members of the UAID blog team here and I figured I would briefly introduce myself.

I am T. Michael Kates, a graduate student at Michigan State University. I work in the Field Crops Entomology Lab. I am doing research on soybean aphid control. My work involves breeding plants that do not need to be sprayed with insecticides as frequently, lessening environmental impacts and increasing the profit margin for growers. I am also looking at ways of preserving the natural pest control services provided by insects naturally in the environment; examples include lady beetles and predatory flies.


I am not directly involved in the urban agriculture work OF UAID, but I bring my larger perspective of agriculture. My interests center around sustainable food production that include urban and rural food systems as well as educating youth on agriculture. Feel free to check out my personal blog or look at some stuff I have had published in the past.


I hope to pop in here every once in a while and discuss some of the happenings in Michigan agriculture.


  1. Welcome! I'm excited to hear your perspective.

    Just so you know, I couldn't download your PDF. Might be my internet hookup, or could be that there's something weird going on with the blog links.

  2. Huh, It just worked for me...

  3. Probably my computer or internet connection, then.